We’re always searching for people who share our drive for innovation and progression.

We are always on the look out for talented individuals who have the ambition and work-ethic to help grow our company. We strongly believe that any company grows only with the growth and success of its employees, so we spend many resources in helping them in their personal and professional development. We often invest in our team in the form of independent, industry-recognised courses and qualifications, leadership, team-building and core skills programmes. All our efforts are designed to maximise performance so that our workforce are at the leading-edge of their respective professions, and are capable of providing the quality of service which our clients and partners have rightly come to expect.

A day in the life of a financial market trader is never the same as the previous day, nor the one after. Many of our traders have enjoyed their job so much that they have made it a career for life. Some of our traders do however go on to different roles within the financial services sector: including jobs such as portfolio managers and analysts.

Careers with us offer a variety of skilled roles – traders, IT, risk management and many other disciplines in the financial sector.

If you believe you have suitable experience and you think you have something to bring to DSS, please contact us today.