DSS develops a range of advanced trading platforms for the stock, option and forex markets, as well as providing award-winning client support

DSS trading software is held in high regard amongst trading communities around the world and we are well-know for our expertise in producing solutions to meet the requirements of large commercial organisations, all the way to private investors.

Take control of your future

Our flagship system, the DSS Equities Portal, is designed for use by all calibres of trader. This product is proving to be a highly sought-after alternative to the common ISA, or managed fund, in a financial environment which is increasingly rewarding the self management of capital. Combined with our dedicated client support, this is an excellent option for many traders, regardless of their level of, or lack of, experience.

DSS provides direct market access for our day traders and the location of our offices means we can offer international coverage to our clients. Our trading platforms are designed for traders, by traders, and are the result of many years of tuning and testing some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technology.