DSS Equities Portal

The DSS Equities Portal is our flagship product, which caters for traders of all levels – from entry-level to the most experienced.

DSS Equities Portal

Our expert support team will guide you in generating an income using the award-winning DSS Equities Portal.

Advanced trading tools & indicators

Many trading tools, technical and fundamental, are at the trader’s finger tips when trading with the Equities Portal. The system provides help for organising your tools and indicators to avoid analysis paralysis and to keep your charts clean.

Comprehensive trading database

Every day, the Equities Portal analyses a database of the latest end-of-day stock information to find the best performing and undervalued stocks.

Easy to use trading strategies

Designed to be accessible by the least experienced trader, the Portal performs over 290 technical and fundamental based calculations with no technical knowledge required by the user.

Highly detailed portfolio management tools

See all details and analysis of your portfolio in one window. View historical and current market data, of each stock, in clear charts and graphs. See your trading history of your current and previous stocks. Many settings, illustrations and clickables.

Accounting package included

The DSS Equities Portal comes with an inbuilt book-keeping system. All of your trading activities will be logged on the system and your tax dues calculated for your country.

Inbuilt notification and alert functions

The Equities Portal provides alert settings for many scenarios, including; stop losses, price alerts, technical indicator alerts, buy/ sell alerts and many more. The system also facilitates customised alerts.

Stock data import and export

The system accepts an import of market data, which it uses to perform it’s calculations. The system accepts this data in several formats, including CSV, and is compatible with the biggest providers.