DSS FX Program

The DSS Smart FX Program is our currency trading program, tailored to the more-experienced forex trader.

DSS FX Program

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Advanced technical & fundamental analysis

The DSS Smart FX Program has two main pre-defined configurations: designed to suit either the technical or the fundamental trader. Whatever your style, the settings can be tailored to meet it.

60+ currency pairs

Covering all the major currency pairs, and many more, the Smart FX Program enables the user to trade all desirable currencies.


The MQL5 online marketplace provides a large range of third-party add-ons, compatible with the Smart FX Program, enabling the extension of many functions.

Real-time market data 24/7

Through this system, the forex market never closes and traders are free to trade all hours.


Totally electronic execution means that manual intervention from a broker is not required. Super fast (under 0.1s) trades. Zero order rejection.

Level 2 data

Identify trading opportunities in real-time. Identify iceberg orders and other trading patterns. Take advantage of a variety of indicators to make educated decisions. View all orders awaiting execution on both sides of the trade.

Over 80 analytical tools

A vast range of in-built functions are at the trader’s disposal. The Smart FX Program provides you with everything you could need in terms of tools, notifications and alerts.