DSS Intraday Program

The DSS Live Market Program is our award-winning trading platform, designed for experienced traders. Utilising the Fibonacci and Gann principles to predict the peaks, with award-winning accuracy, this system is one of the market-leaders.

DSS Intraday Program

This program enables the trader to make use of our super-fast remote server, located at our datacentre in the UK.

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Direct access to global equity exchanges

The DSS Live Market Program is a gateway to the world’s largest exchanges. Users are able to trade in practically all popular markets.

Advanced charting customisation and settings

The live market data is clearly and accurately displayed, in a highly customisable graphical interface of interactive charts and tables.

Highly customisable order entry properties

Make it your own – settings include: date & time of trade execution, number of shares, stop losses, sell price and many more.

24/7 remote stocks database server

The DSS Live Market Program connects to our powerful remote servers, enabling the trader to access a large market database without the traditional overheads and with 100% up-time. Our stocks database is always up-to-date, to the second, with the latest stock data.

Professional portfolio management tools

View the details and analysis of your current portfolio all in one screen. See historical and current stock data, of each stock, in an intuitive display. View global trading history of your stocks – past, present and future.

Many customisable notifications and alerts

The Live Market Program provides the trader with an array of notifications for many scenarios, such as: stop losses,  buy/sell prices, technical indicators and many more. Many of the alerts are customisable.

Zero-delay live stock data feed

The system imports a highly-accurate real-time feed of current market data, which is used to perform calculations. This data is accepted in all common formats.